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City Council Highlights - November 14, 2016

By City Staff

At its meeting November 14, 2016, Sarnia City Council:

Reported out of the 3:30 p.m. Closed Meeting held to discuss the receipt of 1 or more claims for compensation resulting from harassment.

Heard a presentation from Rod Gowrie regarding his request to discontinue fluoride in the water supply and requested the Medical Officer of Health to review Rod Gowrie’s presentation and advise Council.

Heard a presentation from Tom St. Amand and Randy Evans regarding the Streets of Sarnia Project and directed staff to post the project to the City website for the purpose of providing the history of city streets and receiving public input.

Heard a presentation from Marian Glover in opposition of the proposed Germain Park dog park pilot project.

Approved the Off Leash Dog Park Pilot Project in Germain Park for a one year period starting in Spring of 2017, subject to budget deliberations and referred $20,000 for establishing the dog park pilot as part of the 2017 Parks and Recreation capital budget.

  • The Germain Park off-leash dog park satisfies the location criteria including a south end or centrally located park, a neighbour sensitive location, meets AODA accessibility requirements, and meets crime prevention through environmental design requirements for optimum visibility for users to be seen from a road, parking lot or other park areas.
  • The Germain Park off-leash dog park satisfies the amenity criteria including a site large enough to allow for two separately fenced areas for large dogs and small/shy/senior dogs, double-gated entrances into both sections, large enough to accommodate mobility devices, mobility friendly self-closing gates with magnetic locks, wildlife fencing to ensure the safety and containment of small dogs, natural shade availability or the ability to provide temporary shade structures, access to seasonal water and washrooms, parking lot, and access to walking paths for neighborhood use.
  • Consists of a total area of just under 1 acre of property located on the south border of Germain Park, East of the lawn bowling parking lot and includes an “All Breeds” area which would occupy .75 acres and a “Small and Senior Dog” area which would measure .22 acres of space.
  • Staff in Parks and Recreation will maintain the area through regular waste disposal and, will cut the grass, as necessary, however, will not be responsible for tending to any dog waste left in the Off Leash Area by dog owners.
  • If there are any serious issues or concerns that cannot be mitigated or controlled, the pilot project will cease at the discretion of senior management.

Adopted the 2017/2018 Council Meeting Schedule.

Maintained the existing first-past-the-post election model for upcoming Municipal Elections and not proceed with the optional ranked ballot system.

Authorized the use of internet and telephone voting as an alternative voting method in the 2018 municipal election.

  • Authorized the City’s participation in a joint RFP for Internet/Telephone Service Providers with other municipalities in Lambton County.
  • Internet/Telephone Voting has been received positively by administrators, candidates and electors. Convenience, accessibility and potential for cost savings are consistently identified as benefits.
  • Internet voting has been used by various jurisdictions in Ontario and Nova Scotia in order to enhance the convenience of voting, to accommodate changing lifestyles and demanding work schedules, and to enhance accessibility for persons who may not be available or able to vote in person.
  • Internet voting procedures established by municipalities address potential risks by employing both technical and process related security measures designed to support system administration and control user access.

Authorized the renewal of the agreement with the Village of Point Edward for maintenance of streets and traffic signals on roads bordering the two municipalities.

Authorized the signing of an agreement regarding the Court Security and Prisoner Transportation (CSPT) Program, and necessary future CSPT program agreements, which assist municipalities in offsetting their costs of providing CSPT services.

Dedicated Lake Chipican Drive, including parking lots, as a public highway as per a request from the Prosecutor for the City of Sarnia to establish and dedicate the parking lots within Canatara Park as public highways in order to obtain convictions under the Highway Traffic Act in court.

Repealed By-Law 110 of 2016 and 111 of 2016 at 153 Christina Street South which permitted craft brewery, at the request of the applicant as the proposed development of a brewery will not proceed at this site.

Reconsidered its decision regarding the relocation of the Mayor’s Office.

Established a “Political Wing,” “Public Access Areas,” and “Staff Work Areas” within City Hall.

  • The “Political Wing” at City Hall including the Mayor’s office and the Councillor meeting room which will remain in their current location.
  • The “Public Access Areas” at City Hall, which will restrict all members of the public, including all Council Members, to the basement, first, second and third floor public lobby areas, washrooms, meeting rooms, Council Chambers and the “Political Wing.”
  • All remaining areas at City Hall will be deemed as “Staff Work Areas” and equipped with key card access, allowing only staff to enter “Staff Works Areas.”
  • Approved funding for the necessary modifications in the amount of $74,000 plus HST from $96,753 in previously committed Capital Reserve dollars.

Established a Bravery Award to recognize individuals that risk their lives to assist their fellow citizens.

Directed staff to produce a report in 2017 describing the advantages and disadvantages of the current Transit area for taxation revenue to support conventional Transit service and undertake a financial analysis to levy all properties in Sarnia to support conventional Transit service.

Instructed Staff to develop the policies and procedures needed to implement the audio recording of closed door in-camera meetings.

Accepted a petition for a New Municipal Drain at 2131 Churchill Line to the Woods Drain and appointed R. Dobbin Engineering to review the petition and prepare a Drainage Engineer’s Report with a revised Schedule of Assessment for future maintenance.

Accepted a petition for a new municipal drain, known as Cull Drain, and appointed R. Dobbin Engineering to review the petition and to prepare a report with a revised Schedule of Assessment for future maintenance.

Received the Budget Status Report which forecasts a total surplus of $134,168 and represents 0.10% of the total overall 2016 Budget of $132,499,474.

Approved the assignment of the Transmission Line Crossing Agreement with TransAlta Corporation to Sarnia Co-Generation LP, a wholly owned subsidiary.

Authorized the execution of a 5 year license for the untraveled portion of the Howard Watson Nature Trail adjacent to Home Hardware at 1272 London Road, Sarnia to be used for outdoor storage.

Received the report from the Integrity Commissioner regarding Code of Conduct complaints against Councillor Boushy from Councillor Scholten dated November 14, 2016.

Held a special meeting to receive public input with respect to the 2017 draft budget and grant requests.

  • Listened to presentations by Mark Lumley of Sarnia Lambton Chamber of Commerce, Brittany Kueneman and Liz Fletcher of YMCAs across Southwestern Ontario, Rachel Veilleux on behalf of the Canada Day Committee, Mr. Jim Richards of Stones and Bones, Margaret Bird, and Nick Monsour.

Noted that a Budget Meeting will be held on December 6, 2016 at 9:00 a.m. and a Regular Council Meeting will be held on December 12, 2016 at 4:00 p.m.

This article was posted Tuesday, November 15, 2016 9:11 AM

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