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City Council Highlights - December 12, 2016

By City Staff

At its meeting December 12, 2016, Sarnia City Council:

Reported out of the 3:30 p.m. Closed Meeting.

  • Discussed an organizational adjustment. No votes were taken other than to give direction to staff. Staff were directed to proceed with the addition of Assistant Solicitor duties to the Risk Management Position.
  • Discussed the former Sarnia General Hospital Lands. No votes were taken other than to give direction to staff. Staff were given direction regarding the legal options for the Sarnia General Hospital Lands.

Heard a presentation from Matthew Hoy, Executive Director of Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation regarding a recap of the Municipal Forum held on October 20, 2016 which discussed coastal conservation along the Lake Huron coastline.

Heard a presentation from Marcus Miskokomon-Huff and Jane Manning of the Lambton College Aboriginal Student Council and Aboriginal Cultural/Learning Centre requesting the $8,250 Clearwater Arena rental fee to be waived for the 25th Anniversary Pow Wow to be held in April, 2017. Directed staff to assess the ability to fund this through approved budget funds such as the Major Events Assistance Fund.

Was presented with a framed original Certificate of Ownership for the Sarnia Lambton Afghanistan Monument (LAV III) recently dedicated in Veterans Park from Honourary Colonel Barry Hogan of 1st Hussars.

Granted relief from the Streets By-Law 145 of 1991 to allow a basketball net on the crescent of Bernard Court subject to cautionary paint.

Approved the Volunteer Appreciation event to be moved to coincide with Canadian National Volunteer Week (held annually in April), and that the appreciation event be held within the same calendar year in which volunteers serve their committees.

Approved an amendment to the Council Code of Conduct as follows:

  • Code of Conduct section entitled “Conduct Respecting Staff” amended to include the following: Members of Council voicing their personal opinion on a matter, either within or without Council Chambers, shall ensure their opinion relates to the matter at hand and shall not make any negative comments or insinuations about staff or other Members of Council. Press releases, interviews, social media, and any other communications with the media and the public shall focus on policies and initiatives, not individuals. Members shall accurately communicate the ideas in reports as well as decisions of Council even if they disagree with the report or the decision.
  • General housekeeping amendments consisted primarily of numbering within the Code of Conduct.

Authorized the signing of an agreement regarding the Court Security and Prisoner Transportation (CSPT) Program, and necessary future CSPT program agreements, which assist municipalities in offsetting their costs of providing CSPT services.

Approved the renewal of the operations agreement with Walker Environmental Group for an 8-year term for the production and sale of N-Viro Soil® product for the treatment of biosolids (sludge) at the Water Pollution Control Centre (WPCC) with a management fee of $144,000 for each of 2016 and 2017.

Authorized Local Improvement charges for drainage work to four properties.

Expanded the Planning and Building Permit Fee Exemption Program to include the Mitton Village Community Improvement Area (Mitton Street between George Street and Wellington Street; Wellington Street between Stuart Street and east of Mitton; and Ontario Street between Mitton Street and Shepherd Street) until December 31st, 2021. The exemption amount for any planning application or building permit costs limited to a maximum of 50% of the total fees.

Approved a 5 year agreement between the City of Sarnia and the Lambton Area Water Supply System (LAWSS) for the maintenance of the public washroom located at 1215 Fort Street property with $7,500 plus HST payable annually to the City of Sarnia.

Approved Set Fines ranging from $50-$500 for the Backflow Prevention By-Law No. 89 of 2016 with final approval given by the Ministry of the Attorney General’s office. Implementing Set Fines for the Backflow Prevention By-Law No. 89 of 2016 will make it more efficient for enforcement when dealing with offences under the by-law.

Approved a Deeming By-law under the Planning Act to deem three properties on the south side of George Street, between Euphemia Street and Brock Street North, as not being lots in a registered plan of subdivision. The deeming procedure would permit the lands at 223 George St. to become one ‘merged’ parcel, and the lands at 217-219 George St. to become one ‘merged’ parcel, correcting the lot pattern with buildings that straddle lot lines. The property at 215 George St. would remain as a separate lot.

Received a report regarding surplus City-owned properties and directed staff to review the most current City-owned Property Listing utilizing the evaluation factors and report back to Council over the course of 2017.

Accepted the final versions of “the Meter Reading, Billing & Associated Services” and “the Water Meter Maintenance” contracts with Bluewater Power Services Corporation.

Committed $7,100 plus non-rebateable portion of the for a new HVAC unit at the Bright’s Grove Library. Based on the current condition of the unit, safety of library staff and the public, it was recommended that the unit be replaced immediately.

Appointed Sarnia City Council members to the following Boards and Committees for a two year term:

  • Audit Committee – All Council Members.
  • Bluewater Trails Committee  - Councillor Kelch
  • City Manager’s Review Committee - Councillor Mitro, Councillor MacDougall, Councillor Gillis, Councillor White.
  • Committee to Hear Tax Appeals Under Section 442 of the Municipal Act – Mayor Bradley.
  • CRIC St. Clair River Canadian Remedial Implementation Committee - Councillor Kelch.
  • Joint Committee-Aamjiwnaang Band Council/Sarnia City Council – All Council Members.
  • Lambton Area Water Supply System – Councillor Bruziewicz.
  • Lambton County Regional Trails Committee - Councillor MacDougall.
  • Police Services Board for the City of Sarnia – Mayor Bradley (ex-officio), Councillor Boushy.
  • Sarnia Accessibility Advisory Committee SAAC – Councillor White.
  • Transit Accessibility Advisory Committee TAAC - Councillor Bruziewicz.
  • Sarnia Heritage Committee - Councillor Gillis.
  • St. Clair Region Conservation Authority - Councillor Bruziewicz, Councillor Scholten, Councillor Kelch.

Resolved to have existing citizen members of Boards and Committees to continue to serve until the new members are appointed in January, 2017.

Authorized staff to acquire waterfront lands north of Old Lakeshore Road in Bright’s Grove between Marion Avenue and Centre Street for a nominal value in order for the City to protect Old Lakeshore Road by repairing the failing seawall.

Authorized staff to issue a request for proposal concerning the sale of the Sarnia General Hospital (SGH) site, except for the EMS lands, and that the Sale of Land Bylaw and the Surplus Asset Disposal Policy requirements be waived in disposing of these lands.

Accepted the proposal submitted by AMEC Foster Wheeler, as the sole source Consultant, for the Engineering Services including Contract Administration and full time Construction Observation of the Donohue Bridge in the amount of $312,000 excluding the non-rebateable portion of HST.

Received a letter from Integrity Commissioner Robert J. Swayze which dismissed Margaret Bird’s complaint against three City of Sarnia Councillors: Councillors MacDougall, Scholten and Bruziewicz.

  • The Integrity Commissioner further explained the complainant made her complaint public immediately after filing it, as released by the Sarnia Observer on November 17, 2016. Due to the complainant’s actions, it was no longer necessary for the Integrity Commissioner to keep his decision confidential.

Received information from the Engineering Department regarding the berm created during Centennial Park Remediation, located west of the Sarnia Bay Marina. Test results proved the berm soil was suitable to be reused in the park. The berm will be left in place to provide height for observation of boat traffic on the river, the Great Lakes Model, and offer wind protection for the marina to the east.

Received a letter from the Medical Officer of Health regarding Water Fluoridation, which explains that Lambton Public Health continues to support water fluoridation as a public health measure to protect dental health. Requested further information from the Medical Officer of Health regarding the content of the letter and safeguards to protect the fluoride concentration in the water supply.

Received draft by-laws and policies regarding Site Plan Control, Committee of Adjustment, Heritage Committee, and Planning Advisory Committee which will be presented to Council for final approval on February 6, 2017.

Received a draft Public Complaint Policy for review.

Supported Association of Municipalities Ontario Federal Infrastructure Phase 2 Incrementality Resolution.

Received the Business Case Analysis for the Over Sized Load Corridor (OSLC) by Canadian Pacific Consulting Services in association with Anderson Haulage.

  • The completed Business Case Analysis, together with the detailed engineering study that was previously commissioned by SLEP, SLIA and the City, now provides City Council with the information necessary for the financial decisions required to advance this project.
  • The recommended 2017 capital allocation of $600,000 is premised on receiving a minimum 2/3 funding from the Federal and Provincial governments.
  • The construction of the OSLC over a 4 year period would require a municipal capital investment commitment of about $1M per year beginning in 2018 as well as about $8 million in funding from Provincial and Federal governments.

Directed staff to meet with local funeral homes to discuss needs and a plan of action to identify and sign a location in the Point Lands from which to scatter cremated human ashes over the St. Clair River.

Noted that the next Regular Council Meeting will be held on January 16, 2017 at 4:00 p.m.

This article was posted Monday, December 12, 2016 7:50 PM

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