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City Council Highlights - March 20, 2017

By City Staff

At its meeting March 20, 2017, Sarnia City Council:

Celebrated the first Sarnia Bravery Award as presented by Mayor Bradley to Matt Gordon for his courage and bravery demonstrated on September 2, 2016, by assisting a boater and dog in distress on Lake Huron. Mr. Gordon was honoured to receive this award and thanked Sarnia Fire and Rescue Services for their support.

Heard a presentation from Jay McGuffin and Franceso (Max) Chieffalo requesting an Official Plan Amendment and permitted the applicant’s request to consider amendments to the Official Plan as it applies to the Bright’s Grove Golf Course lands at 1992 Estella Street.

Heard a presentation from Jay McGuffin requesting an Official Plan Amendment and permitted the applicant’s request to consider amendments to the Official Plan as it applies to the lands at 321 Devine Street.

Heard a presentation from Skate Sarnia about the organization and received a generous donation of $10,000 toward the Sarnia Arena revitalization.

Entered into an agreement with the Sarnia Community Foundation in order to receipt, hold and disburse the funds collected for the community portion of the Sarnia Arena Revitalization Project.

  • Federal funding approved for this project is $491,667 or 33.3% of the project. Additional funds of $491,667 will be raised through a community fundraising campaign and $491,667 from the 2017 Council Approved Parks and Recreation Capital budget.
  • A Bluewater Power Legacy donation of $87,000 has been committed toward the LED lighting component of the Sarnia Arena Revitalization Project.
  • The $491,667 Sarnia Arena Revitalization fundraising campaign kicks off with $97,000 in donations thanks to Bluewater Power and Skate Sarnia.
  • Sarnia Arena Revitalization donations are gratefully accepted online at www.sarniacommunityfoundation.ca to the Sarnia Arena Revitalization fund, online at www.sarnia.ca, or in person at Sarnia City Hall.

Awarded Engineering Consulting Services for the UV System Upgrade at the Water Pollution Control Centre (WPCC) to Stantec Consulting for $164,714 including the non-rebateable portion of HST.

  • Upgrading the UV system at WPCC will help reduce the City’s electricity usage, as WPCC’s electricity usage represents 34% of the City’s total electricity usage.

Approved the sole sourced purchase of spare parts for the UV disinfection system at Water Pollution Control Centre (WPCC) from H2Flow Equipment Inc. at the price of $136,071 including non-rebateable HST.

Approved the eligibility criteria for the City of Sarnia Mobility Charging Station Starter Kit Incentive Program.

  • A grant is available for businesses to install a charging station in their stores, markets, hotels etc. and will be an incentive for businesses to think about accessibility.
  • The $500 maximum grant is available to help businesses pay for the cost of charge station installation and signage.
  • A grant application will be available on the City of Sarnia website or by contacting Dale Mosley, Accessibility Coordinator.

Endorsed the Age-Friendly Sarnia Action Plan

  • Endorsement allows the City to apply for the World Health Organization (WHO) Global Network of Age-friendly Cities and Communities.
  • Implementing Age-friendly initiatives helps the City become more inclusive, accessible, and diversified. Benefits can include economic growth, more people living in their homes longer, less reliance on health care and an increased quality of life for citizens.
  • City staff will apply for funding for a part-time contract Age-Friendly coordinator’s role to assist in the implementation and support the continued efforts of the Age-Friendly Sarnia Steering Committee.
  • Active aging means barrier free buildings, secure neighbourhoods, social participation, and healthy aging.
  • Sarnia’s age-friendly assessment score was 3.38 out of 5 overall.
  • Age-Friendly Sarnia governance includes: designating an age-friendly implementation coordinator, creating 8 ad hoc committees, and creating an annual report card.
  • The Age-Friendly Sarnia Action Plan can be found online at www.sarnia.ca/living-here/age-friendly-sarnia

Approved a 25% reduction in fees for the installation of two backflow preventers and a 25% reduction in fees associated with the cubic meter water consumption for the 2017 3rd Annual Assante Dirty Dash for Rebound event, to be offset by the Major Events Assistance Fund.

Amended the Parking By-Law to restrict parking on the south side of Seaway Road from Harbour Road to its west limit.

  • This adjustment addresses changes in how various facilities are being accessed, and will coincide with the completion of the boat ramp relocation and Centennial Park remediation project. The original north overflow parking lot (located at the original boat launch) will be left in place for boat ramp users.

Approved the contribution agreement under the Ontario 150 Community Celebration Program for a “Centennial Park Celebration and Everything Ontario/Canada” event to be held Saturday, June 17, 2017, up to $70,000.

  • Appointed Councillor Gillis as a Council Representative to the event Planning Committee for the June 17 Centennial Park Celebration Event.
  • This family friendly event will mark the formal re-opening of Centennial Park and welcome the return of key amenities and waterfront area.
  • Annual Canada Day festivities will follow on June 30 and July 1, a two day celebration highlighting Canada’s 150th.

Signed an agreement to allow for vehicle and pedestrian crossing over City land at Vidal Street Industrial Park, in addition to the existing rail and pipe crossing.

Accepted the proposal submitted by Intelivote System Inc. in the amount of $130,219 including non-rebateable HST, for telephone and internet voting services.

  • Adopted a by-law to implement internet/telephone voting for the 2018 Municipal Election.

Endorsed the 2017-2020 Corporate Strategic Plan with the following four strategic priorities and associated goals:

  • Economic innovation. Goal: support revitalization and growth
  • High quality of life and caring for all citizens. Goal: be a safe, healthy and accessible community.
  • Responsible financial management. Goal: Align City services and capital investment with citizen expectations and ability to pay.
  • Corporate excellence and leadership. Goals: Focus on open and transparent government. Develop employees. Deliver service excellence.
  • The Corporate Strategic Plan can be accessed online at www.sarnia.ca/News-Releases/1053.

Opposed any transfer of municipal assets that are not essential to the operations of primary water distribution system of Lambton Area Water Supply System (LAWSS) and resolved to send a letter to LAWSS informing them of the City’s position.

  • Approved in principle the application to the Ontario Municipal Board to oppose transfer of municipal assets (and costs associated with their operations) contemplated by the February 23, 2017 LAWSS motion.

Directed staff to bring back a report on implementing a series of Departmental Budget/Operations Presentations to Council for the May 1st, 2017 Council meeting. This report will identify options to include Director presentations/discussion in advance of budget deliberations to discuss areas of responsibility, staffing, budget cost drivers and changes/initiatives ongoing and planned for the next budget year.

Received the following four financial reports from the Director of Finance:

  • 2016 Disclosure Report, which provides the names, positions, salaries and total taxable benefits of City of Sarnia employees paid $100,000 or more in 2016.
  • Senior Staff Remuneration and Expenses – 2016
  • Council Statement of Remuneration and Expenses – 2016
  • Budget Utilization – Mayor and Council – 2016

Supported Councillor Bev MacDougall’s attendance at the Waterfront Regeneration Trust Partner's Meeting and the Ontario Bike Summit in Toronto from April 10-12, 2017.

Invited the Medical Officer of Health and Dr. Hardy Limeback to speak to Council and public in an open public meeting regarding water fluoridation.

Referred the Minister of Senior Affair’s Senior of the Year Award nominations to the Age-Friendly Committee.

On February 27, 2017, accepted the low tender submitted by Van Bree Drainage and Bulldozing for a sewer separation project on Talfourd Street and side streets  (Margaret St., Emma St. and Stuart St.), in the amount of $4,901,012 including the non-rebatable portion of HST.

  • The City of Sarnia has budgeted $2,100,000 towards this project and is awaiting confirmation for successful funding through the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund (CWWF), a federal and provincial funding initiative.
  • Starting the project prior to the announcement of funding is critical to project completion within the timelines for funding. In the event that the CWWF funding is not realized the contract will be cut short to remain within the City’s budgeted funds.

Received the Draft Festival and Event Policies and Procedures Manual with consideration of future endorsement.

Received a report from the City Clerk regarding the civilian appointment of Bryan Trothen to the Sarnia Police Services Board.

Noted the next Regular Meeting of Sarnia City Council will be held on April 10, 2017 at 4:00 p.m.

This article was posted Monday, March 20, 2017 7:23 PM

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