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City Council Highlights - April 10, 2017

By City Staff

At its meeting April 10, 2017, Sarnia City Council:

Reported out of the closed meeting:

  • Sarnia City Council met in closed session on April 10, 2017 to discuss assessment appeals. No votes were taken other than to give direction to staff. Staff were directed to execute the Minutes of Settlement for a property pertaining to the 2009-2016 tax years.
  • Sarnia City Council met in closed session on April 10, 2017 to receive information regarding a matter of litigation or potential litigation regarding the Sarnia Harbour. No votes were taken.

Held a public meeting and approved a rezoning application to permit a medical centre/clinic at the corner of Michigan Avenue and The Rapids Parkway.

Held a public meeting and approved a rezoning application for a general amendment to include a definition for modified shipping containers. These are shipping containers which are modified to other uses such as a dwelling or restaurant.

  • Modified Shipping Containers can be used for main buildings on a lot, provided they provide at minimum, a foundation, windows and doors, and painting or exterior cladding, plus any other items required.

Held a public meeting and approved a general housekeeping amendment to the Zoning By-Law which permits secondary dwelling units in single detached, semi-detached, multiple attached and street multiple attached dwellings in parts of the City where adequate sanitary sewer services are available.

Heard a presentation from Debbie Krukowski regarding the transit special service area.

  • Decided to hold a Council-led public meeting on the question of whether to change the distribution of conventional transit costs to apply throughout the City rather than only in the Special Transit Levy area, regardless of whether transit services is provided to all areas of the City. Staff to report on meeting in September.

Heard a presentation from Margaret Bird regarding freedom of speech, freedom of information, and freedom of choice.

Granted a noise by-law exemption to Sarnia Fashion Week for its event on Saturday, June 24, 2017 until 12:00 a.m. on Lochiel Street.

Granted a noise by-law exemption to Refined Fool Brewing Company and Nelson Mella for the Beats on the Street event on Friday, July 21, 2017 until 12:00 a.m. and Saturday July 22, 2017 until 11:00 p.m. in the Julia Street Municipal Parking Lot.

Authorized a Financial Assistance Agreement for the acquisition of a Friction Tester which is used to test the runways during snow operations at the Sarnia Chris Hadfield Airport.

Awarded the purchase of a backhoe to Kucera Farm Supply Limited at a bid price of $119,726 including non-rebateable HST.

Renewed the agreement with the Village of Point Edward for the use of City watermains.

Authorized the payment of $82,063 to the Lambton Kent District School Board for the parking lot reconstruction project at 200 Wellington Street.

Maintained the current Parking and Traffic By-Law that restricts bicycles with a wheel diameter greater than 51 centimeters from City sidewalks and authorized up to $5000 from the Transportation Master Plan Budget for cyclist and motorist educational information and signage.

Accepted the low tender in the amount of $580,969 submitted by H.E. Construction Inc. for Contract 2-2017 – Old Lakeshore Road Watermain.

  • Authorized the temporary closing of Old Lakeshore Road for the purpose of watermain reconstruction with a proposed start date of May 1, 2017 and completion expected toward the end of June, 2017.

Accepted the proposal by Palidor Radio Communications Consultants of North Vancouver for police two-way radio system consulting services at a cost of $79,373, including non-rebateable HST.

Adopted the Investment Policy which outlines how the City of Sarnia invests public funds in a manner that will provide the highest investment return with the maximum security, while meeting the daily cash flow demands of the City and conforming to all legislation.

Authorized the signing of a Brownfields Tax Increment Based Grant Agreement with Carvest Properties Limited for 392 Front Street which reimburses a portion of municipal taxes to the developer in the form of an annual grant as the result of an environmental remediation and redevelopment of the property. The total amount of tax reimbursement to Carvest Properties Limited for this project is $1,440,172 payable over five years.

Approved the proposed Body-Rub Parlour By-Law.

Approved a senior administrative title change from City Manager to Chief Administrative Officer (C.A.O.) effective immediately to coincide with the Municipal Act.

Authorized an agreement with Bell Mobility Inc. to allow for the installation of small cell telecommunications equipment on the Sarnia Bay Marina building to boost the reception of mobile frequency.

Awarded RFP 17-105 for the replacement of the Progressive Auto Sales Main Rink Lighting to 3 Phase Electric in the amount of $124,991 including non-rebateable HST.

Awarded Tender #17-09 for the replacement of the Sarnia Arena flat roof to Accent Roofing and Siding in the amount of $226,101 including non-rebateable HST.

Received a status report on the Sarnia Harbour Dredging project and authorized extra project expenditures of $254,356 +HST incurred to date to be funded from the Federal Sarnia Harbour Reserve. Extra project expenditures include approved change orders and an increase in cubic meters dredged above the amount estimated.

Authorized the Transfer Payment Agreement for the Federal Government Public Transit Infrastructure Fund. The projects listed for approval in the grant include:

  • Purchase of Two 40’ Nova Buses
  • Purchase of Eight Low Accessible Mini buses
  • Purchase of Two Replacement Care-A-Vans
  • Purchase of Onboard Video Cameras
  • Purchase of Care-A-Van Scheduling Software
  • Installation of Concrete Bus Stop Pads
  • Bus Facility Upgrades
  • Gasoline Fuel Storage Tank

Awarded the purchase and installation of automated scheduling software for Care-A-Van to Trapeze Software ULC d.b.a. TripSpark Technologies at the price of $105,725 including the non-rebatable portion of HST. The current telephone method for users will still be available. The new software enables:

  • Automated scheduling for Care A Van
  • Trip booking and Administration
  • Real time dispatching
  • Online trip booking module
  • Call out reminders for clients

Invited Chris Carrier, National Municipal Accounts Manager for Fire Marque, to make a presentation to Sarnia City Council regarding the Fire Marque Program and its benefits to our municipality and our ratepayers.

Formally requested the Lambton Area Water Supply System Board to reconsider its decision of February 23, 2017 to transfer the Brigden and Wyoming water towers and associated water lines to the Lambton Area Primary Water Supply System.

Received the Workplace Human Rights and Harassment and Workplace Violence Policies and Procedures for information with consideration for approval at the May 29, 2017 Regular Council meeting.

Noted the next Regular Meeting of Sarnia City Council will be held on May 1, 2017 at 4:00 p.m.

This article was posted Monday, April 10, 2017 6:58 PM

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