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Salmon Derby Boat Ramp and Dockage

By City Staff

While the Sarnia boat launch is under construction, Salmon Derby participants will have the ability to dock, launch, or stack their boats free of charge, at the Bridgeview Marina during the 10 day event, April 28-May 7, 2017.

Salmon Derby participants will have access to the single boat ramp at Bridgeview Marina located at the end of Venetian Boulevard across from Purdy’s Fisheries. Attendants will be present to assist with traffic control and launching of boats. Vehicles and trailers can park on the grass in front of Purdy’s Fisheries. A free lift into and out of the water is available for boats too large for the boat ramp.

In an effort to ease traffic and congestion at the boat ramp, Bridgeview Marina will provide free dockage for all 2017 Salmon Derby participants during the 10 day derby. Boats will be docked in the secure 100 – 800 dock area located beside the Holiday Inn Golf Course.

Bridgeview Marina will provide stacking for anglers who do not want to leave their boat in the water for the duration of the Salmon Derby.

Contact Bridgeview Marina at 1-800-265-0330 or 519-337-3888 to reserve a free dock for the Salmon Derby.

Due to construction around Sarnia Bay and the decision to dock boats at Bridgeview Marina, the Sarnia weigh station will be relocated to the Bridgeview Marina parking lot on Venetian Boulevard (located between Venetian Village and the Holiday Inn) for the 2017 Salmon Derby.  

This article was posted Thursday, April 20, 2017 1:55 PM

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