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Update on Centennial Park Remediation

By City Staff

An update is being provided to highlight the progress within the Centennial Park Project, to identify the challenges with respect to the delays of construction of the new boat ramp, and to acknowledge the assistance and partnership of Bridgeview Marina in respect of water access needs during this time

Progress on Park Amenities and Features

With respect to progress within the park we offer the following summary:

  • The playground equipment installation will be completed this week. The playground was funded through a donation by the Rotary Club of Sarnia Bluewaterland.
  • The healing garden is nearly complete. The healing garden was also a element funded through the donation by the Rotary Club of Sarnia Bluewaterland.
  • The new site services building is progressing with the anticipated installation of siding within the next couple of weeks. Unforeseen conditions with the original building and as a result of vandalism have hampered progress. More information will be forthcoming to Council shortly.
  • 75% of all concrete pathways are now complete.
  • All plantings are underway. This includes all trees (including the Warden’s Garden), shrubs, native species revegetation, and the planting within the healing garden.
  • Topsoil and grading of all grass areas of the park will be completed, with hydroseeding to follow in the next few weeks. Inclement weather may have an impact on the scheduling and completion of the hydroseeding process.
  • The Victims of Chemical Valley monument will be reinstated this week.
  • The Sexual Assault Survivors' Centre Sarnia-Lambton’s Footsteps of Courage will be commenced next week.

The City’s last confirmed extension date for Centennial Park to be reopened for public use is June 2, 2017. All parties are being requested to honour that date, barring any severe and/or persistent inclement weather or vandalism which has been an ongoing issue on and around the site.

Challenges on Construction of the new Boat Ramp at Sarnia Bay Marina

One item of the project continues to experience delay and that is the construction of the new boat ramp at Sarnia Bay Marina. The challenges of unknown debris (concrete, rebar, electronic waste, etc.) in the bay, as well as the challenges controlling water flow through the lake bed encountered in the area of the new boat launch site, had been previously reported to Council by Staff.

The dewatering of this particular area continues to be a challenging endeavour. The City’s Contractor (Bre-Ex Construction Ltd.) and Contract Administrator (Golder Associates) continue to work at resolving the outstanding issues, dewatering processes, with multiple design options prepared by Golder to enable constructability of the new boat ramp in these conditions.

All parties are conscious of timelines and we assure Council that City Staff have been diligently pressing the parties to resolve these outstanding issues and complete the construction of the new boat ramp as swiftly as possible.

Further reports and information with respect to the new boat ramp will be brought to Council’s attention as they become available.

Acknowledgement of assistance from Bridgeview Yachting Services & Affiliated Companies

The City gratefully acknowledges the partnership and assistance of Bridgeview Marina and specifically Dave Brown for accommodations at Bridgeview Marina, including:

  • Repairs to the boat ramp at Bridgeview Marina, which is currently being used for the 2017 Salmon Derby and is available for emergency service use as required;
  • Facilitating the launch of Salmon Derby participants and providing complimentary temporary accommodations at docks in Bridgeview Marina during the derby;
  • Working with local marine operators to launch boats in a timely manner until the new dock is ready to use, and
  • Working on refurbishing the floating docks for when the boat launch is ready to use.

City Staff are working closely with Bridgeview Marina to ensure open lines of communication and to respond to the needs of the boating community.

This article was posted Friday, April 28, 2017 4:07 PM

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