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Firework Regulations and Safety

By Sarnia Fire Rescue Services

DATE: June 28, 2017 RELEASE DATE: Immediate
Firework Regulations and Safety

Sarnia (June 28, 2017) – With Canada Day fast approaching Sarnia Fire Rescue (SFR) wants to remind the public about the rules and regulations regarding fireworks within the city limits. SFR also wants to remind people about the risks involved when using fireworks. SFR recommends going to see the professional display instead of taking the risks associated with holding a private fireworks display. Fireworks cannot be set off on any public places including parks, streets, highways etc.

As per City By-Law 59 of 1999 All fireworks displays shall be held at a safe distance from all streets, highways, buildings or other structures and the person holding the display shall take every reasonable precaution for the safety of others and shall provide a means of extinguishment. The person setting off fireworks assumes all responsibility for any personal injury, property damage, claims, causes of action or damages of any nature or kind whatsoever, which may arise as a result of the Fireworks Display. Only adults should handle and discharge fireworks.

“The use of Sky Lanterns is never permitted due to the inability to control where they travel and more importantly where they will land” explained Fire Chief John Kingyens. These lanterns are a major fire hazard and therefore their use is not allowed at any time of year.

Sparklers are one of the leading causes of injuries to children as they can burn at temperatures of up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit or 650 Celsius. Glow sticks are a great alternative and are much safer. SFR wants everyone to have a safe and enjoyable holiday but always keep safety in mind.

For further information contact:
Mike Otis – Fire Life Safety Educator
519-332-1122 ext.4308 Email: mike.otis@sarnia.ca

Our Mission: To reduce loss of life and property with education, knowledge and passion.

This article was posted Wednesday, June 28, 2017 2:14 PM

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