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St. Patrick's Students and Communities in Bloom Help Beautify Centennial Park

By City Staff

Fifteen metal planters have been installed at Centennial Park through a collaborative partnership between St. Patrick’s High School, the City of Sarnia, and Communities in Bloom.

Communities in Bloom conceived the idea of the planters in an effort to bring colour to the cement areas and walkway along the water in Centennial Park.

Students in Matt Abbott’s Manufacturing Technology Class at St. Patrick’s High School helped create the planter design in consultation with Communities in Bloom, and then brought the beautiful planters to life.

Teacher, Matt Abbott, explains that the project provided the students with an opportunity to measure, cut, weld, and bend the metal for the baskets. Next, students grinded the welds and sent the product for a powder coating. The planters are expected to last decades; they were designed not to rot and to take up very little room compared to traditional wooden planters.

The City’s Parks and Recreation Department installed the planters and filled them with colourful varieties of begonias and potato vines.

Al Duffy, Communities in Bloom member, is pleased with the planters and explains this project is a “real collaboration of different community groups working together to benefit our city.”

This article was posted Monday, July 31, 2017 9:53 AM

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