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Ratification of Memorandum of Agreements and Non Union Staff

By City Staff

We are pleased to announce that CUPE 3690, CUPE 153 and CUPE 2713 and the City of Sarnia have successfully ratified new four year collective agreements. These agreements will provide stability for the members of our Unions and the Corporation through the January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2020 term. The terms, where applicable, are applied to non-union staff.

Both Management and the Union Bargaining Committee’s worked cooperatively and diligently to meet the needs of the City of Sarnia and its ratepayers while ensuring fair compensation and working conditions for union members.  

The four year agreement includes wage increases of 1.5% in each year with changes in benefits to help manage costs.

Future post-retirement benefits will be administered through a Retirement Benefits Account (RBA). Funds are allocated to the RBA which the member can draw to cover the cost of benefits they choose. Existing retirees will have their benefits frozen at the recently negotiated level until their eligibility for post-retirement benefits expire.  

The new agreement signals a significant step forward and we look forward to continuing to maintain the collaborative relationship established through the bargaining process. 





CUPE Locals 3690, 2713, 153 and Non Union


January 1, 2017: 1.5%

January 1, 2018: 1.5%

January 1, 2019: 1.5%

January 1, 2020: 1.5%


Benefit amendments

    Limitations/reductions to various health and dental coverages such as  

    orthotics, paramedical services, travel coverage, dental scaling etc.  

    effective September 1, 2017.


Post-Retirement Benefits

Future Retirees will have a Retiree Benefits Account pro-rated in the first and last year of entitlement as follows:

  • $4,000 per year per family
  • $2,000 per year per retiree
  • One year roll over of unused balance

Current Retiree’s post-retirement benefits are frozen at the recently negotiated benefit level until their eligibility for post-retirement benefits expires. 


This article was posted Tuesday, August 1, 2017 10:49 AM

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