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City Council Highlights - October 24, 2016

By City Staff

At its regular meeting Monday, October 24, 2016, Sarnia City Council:

Reported out from the closed meeting of 9:00 a.m. Discussion was had regarding the receipt of 1 or more claims for compensation resulting from harassment.

Reported out the closed meeting of 3:30 p.m. Staff were authorized to execute the Minutes of Settlement for tax assessment appeals on 4 properties.

Public meeting was held for rezoning to regulate the use of shipping containers.

Approved a Rezoning Application and amendment regarding shipping containers that:

  • Creates a new zoning definition for ‘shipping container’ and regulations for the use.
  • Directs their use as storage containers to Industrial Zones.
  • Permits shipping containers as temporary structures in all Zones and create regulations for their temporary use.
  • Only applies to unmodified containers.

Approved a by-law to designate the property located at 112 Maria Street under the Ontario Heritage Act.

Directed staff to report back with a definition for modifications for shipping containers for commercial, residential, and industrial uses.

Listened to a presentation from Nick Monsour regarding the speeding of cars and trucks on City streets wherein he requested collaboration between City and Police Services Staff to educate the travelling public to slow down.

Authorized the Mayor and Clerk to approve the Bluewater Power financial statements, appointment of auditors and appointment of Directors.

Directed staff to create an implementation process to offer a “City of Sarnia Mobility Charging Station Starter Kit Incentive Program;” and refer $5000 to the 2017 Budget to offer this one-time incentive program for up to 30 Commercial Businesses.

Submit a funding application for “Sewer Separation and Watermain Renewal Project” under the new Federal Clean Water Wastewater Funding Program to carry out a “Sewer Separation Project” in Talfourd, Devine and side streets area.

Approved a contract proposal from Bluewater Power to develop a 4 year renewal contract for both Water Meter Maintenance and Installation Services and Meter Reading Billing, and Associated Services.

Authorized the signature of the Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund–Formula-Based Component Agreement, to provide provincial funding designed to address critical core infrastructure needs.

Authorized the sale of a portion of Michigan Avenue, between Cambridge Crescent and the Howard Watson Nature Trail, to Huron Baptist Church.

Authorized the sale of a portion of Michigan Avenue, between Cambridge Crescent and the Howard Watson Nature Trail, to the County of Lambton to be dedicated as public road.

Approved a by-law authorizing a Severance Agreement for the development of 2 additional residential lots located on the north side of Lakeshore Road, east of Colborne Road.

Awarded financing of $134,136 over three years for the replacement of approximately 115 desktop and laptop computers from CDW Canada.

Adopted a blanket support resolution under the Feed-In Tariff program to support the construction and operation of bio-gas and solar projects anywhere within the City of Sarnia.

Renewed a license agreement with Southwestern Sales Corporation and the City of Sarnia for part of Mission Park (former C.N. lands).

  • The agreement regulates the use of the lands and the operation of the aggregate dock.
  • The agreement provides temporary ongoing occupancy of a portion of the former C.N. lands and the operation of an aggregate dock.
  • Over a 10 year period it is estimated that the City of Sarnia will receive net total revenue of $1.2 million from this use of these lands.

Approved Grafiks Communication Ltd. the Advertising and Marketing Sales program proponent for 5 years.

  • Minimum guarantee payable to the City of $5,000 or 10% of gross sales in year 1, $15,000 or 15% of gross sales in year 2, $20,000 or 20% of gross sales in year 3, $25,000 or 25% of gross sales in year 4 and $25,000 or 25% in year 5 whichever dollar amount is greater.

Approved the transfer of an additional $800,000 to the Harbour Road Watermain Project from the Watermain, Sanitary and Storm Sewer Replacement – Various Locations Capital Budget.

  • Sanitary sewer servicing Harbour/Seaway Road as well as Centennial Park required a complete replacement and alignment, the hydro duct servicing the main buildings onsite required replacement, and undocumented watermains/servicing in the park resulted in a significant watermain break affecting businesses and productivity.

Allocated $99,342 from the 2016 Streetscaping at Various Locations Capital Account to fund the installation of an access point at Centennial Park on Front Street to improve the Sarnia Transit stop and accommodate pedestrians and coach bus drop-offs.

Referred a contribution to Reserves from the Operating Budget of up to $440,523 to the Energy Efficiency Reserve Fund for the 2017 budget.

Directed staff to include a target, purpose, and re-investment of incentives plan regarding the Energy Efficiency Reserve within an updated Reserve and Reserve Fund Policy.

Directed staff to work with administration at Alexander Mackenzie School to transport students to Centennial Park so students may assist in the set-up of the displays at Centennial Park funded through the Major Events Assistance Fund. An equal amount to be included in the 2017 budget to fund a similar trip in early January for the tear-down of this displays.

Resolved to send a letter of appreciation to Ryan Chamney, Manager, Recreation and Planning, for becoming the designated official of controlled goods.

Provided a report of the Closed Meeting – October 6, 2016.

The City Solicitor provided context on the difference between the Integrity Commissioners Report and the Workplace Harassment Report.

  • Liability for the City and/or Councillors.
  • Violation of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Directed the relocation of the Mayor’s office inside City Hall with appropriate separation space from City workers. In the meantime, while an appropriate location is being prepared, the office is to be to be relocated to the Sarnia Transit office.

Directed Staff to proceed with an amendment to the Code of Conduct section entitled “Conduct Respecting Staff” to include the following: Members of Council voicing their personal opinion on a matter, either within or without Council Chambers, shall ensure their opinion relates to the matter at hand and shall not make any negative comments or insinuations about staff or other Members of Council. Press releases, interviews, social media, and any other communications with the media and the public shall focus on policies and initiatives, not individuals. Members shall accurately communicate the ideas in reports as well as decisions of Council even if they disagree with the report or the decision.

Approved recommendations for coaching and sensitivity training on harassment, effective management techniques, and anger management for Mayor Bradley, with an extension to include all of Council.

  • Coaching and Sensitivity Training on Harassment & Effective Management Techniques: In 2015, the City provided mandatory Harassment Training sessions for all staff and made provisions for an extra session available for all members of Council to attend. Mayor Bradley chose not to attend the session. Another session could be arranged for approximately $1,000.
  • Anger Management Counseling: Various options available at varying costs.
  • Approved governance training for Mayor and Council to be provided at the next Corporate Priorities/Strategic Planning Meeting on November 7, 2016.

Reported the elimination of a 1992 directive allowing the mayor to attend senior management meetings.

Nominated Councillor Andy Bruziewicz for the Ontario Good Roads Association Board of Directors.

Listened to a report regarding the addition of $4 million for sewer upgrades to be funded from Capital Infrastructure and Capital Infrastructure Sewer Reserves for the following:

  1. Upgrade of the Bright’s Grove Sewage Lagoons and Replacement of Green Street Pump Station and Forcemain to the Lagoons.
  2. New Bedford Pump Station, new large diameter trunk sewer to new station, new twinned forcemain to Water Pollution Control Centre, improvement to the Water Pollution Control Centre Headworks and new forcemain to reroute flows from the Murphy Road Pump Station.

Approved the recommendations of the 356/357/358 Tax Appeals Committee held on October 6, 2016.

Authorized Mayor and Acting City Clerk to discharge the mortgage for the property located at 261 Christina Street North from the Sarnia Downtown Building and Façade Improvement Loan Program.

Received an update from Staff regarding the By-Law Enforcement Division.

Noted that a Corporate Priorities/Strategic Planning Meeting will be held at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, November 7, 2016 and the next Regular Council/Budget Input Meeting will be held Monday, November 14, 2016 at 4:00 p.m. in Council Chambers.

This article was posted Tuesday, October 25, 2016 9:16 AM

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