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About Business Licencing

Business Licenses are issued by the Customer Service Department, 1st Floor, City Hall. 

Cash, cheque, credit card, and debit are accepted.

Applying for a Business Licence:

  • If you are applying for or renewing a Business Licence, please email a request to customerservice@sarnia.ca
  • All initial Business Licence Applications require the signature of the City of Sarnia Planning and Building Department, the City of Sarnia Fire Department and the County of Lambton Community Health Services Department.
  • Prior to making application, please contact the Planning Department at 519-332-0330 extension 3344 or visit their office at City Hall, 3rd Floor, to ensure that your proposed business complies with the City of Sarnia Zoning By-Law Regulations.
  • The Fire Department may be required to inspect your premises prior to obtaining your City of Sarnia Business Licence.  Please contact a Fire Inspector at 519-332-0330 extension 4304.
  • The County of Lambton Community Health Services Department may be required to inspect your premises prior to obtaining your licence.  Please contact them at 519-383-8331.
  • Upon receipt of all necessary approvals, the Business Licence will be issued to you.

Business Licence

New Application




Business Licence Categories and Fees

Adult Live Entertainment Parlour *   $305  
Adult Video Store $230 $165 $25
Auctioneer $255 $185 $25
Bed and Breakfast $155 $110 $25
Body Piercing/Scarring/Tattoo Parlour $205 $135 $25
Body-Rub Parlour - Owner/Operator * $500    
Body-Rub Parlour - Attendant * $150    
Circus or Midway $460    
Dog Kennel/Commercial Cattery $400 $150 $25
Eating Establishment $195 $130 $25
Master Plumber $97 $57  
Pawn Broker $195   $25
Pet Shops $205 $135 $25
Public Hall $225 $160 $25
Refreshment Vehicle - City Parks $360    
Refreshment Vehicle - Non-Motorized $250    
Refreshment Vehicle - Other (Private Property) $460    
Rooming and Boarding House $235 $170 $25
Salesperson Resident      
  Yearly $510    
  Seasonal - 3 Months $310    
  Daily - 3 Consecutive Days $160    
Salesperson Non-Resident      
  Yearly $1,210    
  Seasonal - 2 Months $550    
  Seasonal - 3 Months $810    
  Daily - 3 Consecutive Days $510    


Link to Renew an Eating Establishment Licence


* To request a copy of the Adult Live Entertainment Parlour or Body-Rub Parlour Applications please contact the Customer Service Department at 519-332-0330 Extension 3350 or email customerservice@sarnia.ca.  For additional information on the licencing and regulations for a Body-Rub Parlour, please refer to the Body-Rub Parlour By-Law or contact Customer Service at 519-332-0330 Extension 3350 or email customerservice@sarnia.ca.


For additional information on the licencing and regulations of the above noted business, please refer to the Business Licencing By-Law or contact Customer Service at 519-332-0330 Extension 3350 or e-mail customerservice@sarnia.ca.

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