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Wildlife/Other Animals

Animals on Private Property

Under normal circumstances, the Animal Control Officer will not remove dead animals from private property. However, if the property owner has no way of disposing the animal, if the owner "bags" and places the dead animal by the sidewalk, the Officer will remove the carcass.

Restricted Animals

The keeping of certain animals is prohibited or restricted within the City of Sarnia. Please refer to the appropriate sections of the Animal Control By-Law and a complete list of restricted animals. 


The Ministry of Natural Resources is responsible for wild animals which threatens public safety or is in the living quarters of a citizen’s home. Please call the local Ministry of Natural Resources district office at 519-773-9241. Further information may be obtained from the Ministry of Natural Resources website


For information about coyotes, please call the local Ministry of Natural Resources district office at 519-773-9241. If a coyote poses an immediate threat or danger to public safety, call 911.


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