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The following items are non-collectible and will be left at the curb if set out for regular garbage collection:

• Needles and syringes
• Cardboard or other recyclables mixed with waste
• Compost placed in dark bags
• Automobile parts including tires
• Grease
• Any composts mixed with the garbage
• Overweight bags
• Untagged bags or containers of acceptable waste over the three bag limit
• Construction material (drywall, plaster, lumber, ceramic tile, toilets, kitchen cabinets, treated wood)
• Hazardous materials (fluorescent bulbs, paint, anti-freeze or coolant, batteries, flammable materials)
• Electronics (microwaves, TVs etc.)


For information on where to drop off non-collectibe items, please visit www.makethedrop.ca

The following is a list of businesses that will accept the following non-collectible items:


Best Buy      1380 Exmouth Street      519-542-4388
Lowes           1390 Quinn Drive           519-541-2120

Building/Construction Material

Habitat for Humanity       1787 London Line               519-339-7957
Curran Recycling             526 McGregor Sideroad      519-332-0849
Transco Recycling           387 McGregor Sideroad      519-332-4045

Cement, Concrete, Rock, Clean Soil

Curran Recycling      526 McGregor Sideroad         519-332-0849
Vozza                        360 Gladwish Drive               519-337-0108


Digital Friends             1121 Evett Street                           519-344-3334

Canadian Tire              1380 London Road                        519-542-3403
Future Shop                 1380 Exmouth Street                     519-542-4388
Premier Recycling         325 Gladwish Drive                    519-337-8999
Sarnia Goodwill           1121 Wellington Street                 519-332-0440
Sarnia Goodwill          1294 London Road                        519-337-4220
Sarnia Goodwill          1307 Michigan Avenue                 519-541-9273
Transco Recycling        387 McGregor Sideroad              519-332-4045

Fluorescent Bulbs

Clean Harbours Canada      4090 Telfer Road, Corunna      519-864-1021

Hazardous Waste

Clean Harbours Canada      4090 Telfer Road, Corunna      519-864-1021


Trijan Metals               1275 Plank Road                   519-337-3779
Premier Recycling       325 Gladwish Drive              519-337-8999
Transco Recycling       387 McGregor Sideroad       519-332-4045

Paint Cans (latex only)

Lowes      1390 Quinn Drive      519-541-2120

Smoke Alarms, Fire Detectors

Clean Harbours Canada      4090 Telfer Road, Corunna      519-864-1021


For more information on non-collectible items, please visit www.makethedrop.ca or visit our new "My Waste" app on your smartphone or tablet or on our website at www.sarnia.ca

If you have any questions, please contact the Public Works Department at 519-344-1932.

This page was reviewed or revised on Thursday, July 7, 2016 12:00 PM

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