City of Sarnia

Sarnia Transit & Sarnia Care-A-Van Emergency Plan

In an emergency, Sarnia Transit's priorities are: protect life, preserve property and maintain service. 

For public information purposes - duties of Sarnia Transit Operators are:

  1. Operators will remain calm, stay patient, and be prepared to make key decisions as quickly as possible

  2. Operators will activate 4-way flashers of the vehicle

  3. Operators will determine what emergency action is safest and then implement it: shelter-in-place, relocation or evacuation

  4. Operators will inform the base station or inspector of the emergency they have: tell them the evacuation is in progress, advise them of the nature of the emergency, their location and their route number

  5. Operators will bring the bus to a complete stop in a safe and open area

  6. Operators will tell the passengers to remain calm and also stay seated until the bus comes to a complete stop

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