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Care-A-Van Application Policy

The Care-A Van application policy describes Sarnia Transit's policy for Care-A-Van application, the appeal process, receiving Care-A-Van on Emergency and Compassionate Grounds, and Care-A-Van Trip restrictions.

Application Process

No application or assessment fees are charged. A decision on all applications will be made within 14 business days after the application has been received by the City of Sarnia.

Re-Assessing Eligibility

Temporary Care-A-Van users applications will be re-assessed every six months to determine if services are still required. 

Appeal Process

Appeals of decisions made on Care-A-Van applications will be sent to a third-party medical representative for review. Applicants will need to complete a release of information before applications are sent. All appeal decisions will be made within 30 calendar days. Applicants will receive Care-A-Van services until a decision has been made.

Care-A-Van Emergency and Compassionate Grounds 

Care-A-Van services is available to people with disabilities on emergency or compassionate grounds. Individuals who require this service must fillout a regular application but must state why Care-A-Van services is needed in a clear manner.

Example: A husband is hospitalized after a heart attack. he is the primary driver and caregiver of a person with a disability. The person would be eligible for temporary Care-A-Van services.

Trip Restrictions 

Care-A-Van services will not restrict the number of trips an individual requests or will it prioritize people with disabilities trips based on need. Example, a person's medical appointment will not take priority over a persons recreation request.




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