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Transit App

The City of Sarnia has partnered with the Transit App to provide real time bus information.  You can use the app to track the location of your bus in real time, see departure times for nearby bus routes, and review various route options to reach your destination.  It can be used to remind you of when you need to leave to catch your bus, and while on the bus, notify you of when your stop is approaching.

The app is available for free for both android and iPhone.  Just search “Transit” in the app store.

The app is simple to use.  A brief user manual provides and introduction in how to use the app.


How the online Transit APP works

What is the purpose of the Transit APP on the website?

The purpose of the online application is to help you find the departure times for buses in the City of Sarnia.

The Transit APP on the website uses Google maps to identify your current location via your web browser. The application displays upcoming departures times for all routes within 500 meters of your current location. Each route displays the next three departure times when you rest your cursor over any route.

I want to find a bus route close to work or near a friend. Can I change the location?

To look-up the arrival time(s) for buses that are more than 500 meters from your current location type the name of an attraction (e.g. Canatara Park), a major intersection (e.g. Front & Lochiel) or street address (e.g. 2713 Old Lakeshore Road) into the search field above the routes. The easiest way to display the routes nearest your current location is by clicking on the bullseye on the right hand side of the search bar.

Understanding the fields in the APP on the website

The large number on the left hand side of the Transit APP represents the route number (e.g. 1 Confederation). The field beneath that identifies the direction, followed by the nearest stop where you can board a bus. On the bottom right hand side, the large number identifies the arrival time of the next bus. The two smaller number beneath that identify subsequent departure times.

Can I see the arrival times for buses traveling in the opposite direction?

Click on the desired bus route and swipe to view departures in different directions.

Are the listed departure times displayed in real-time?

In the corner of the top right hand side of each bus route look for a progressive larger wave symbol (e.g. ))) ). If the pulsing wave symbol is not present arrival time is based upon the schedule arrival time.

The location target does not work

The location feature will not work unless you activated geo-location on your device.

What is Transit APP?

People who work for Transit APP build the website widget for Sarnia Transit, which is hosted on our website. The company uses real-time open-source GPS data which then permits you to see exactly where the next bus is, look-up multiple departure time simultaneously, route schedules and plan your next trip.


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