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Transit Route Changes

Exciting changes coming to Transit starting September 2, 2018!

Changes have been made to enhance service to key destinations, simplify the schedule and improve on-time performance.

Which Routes have Changed?

Downtown Terminal (DT)

Murphy Road Terminal (MRT)

Northgate (NG)

Route #1 Confederation

Now only travels between DT and MRT - no longer services Lambton Mall (use Route #8 Peak or #14 Off-Peak from MRT instead)

Route #2/11 Devine/Davis

Now services Strangway Community Centre and Bluewater Health hospital areas- no longer services East and Davis streets. Frequency increased to every 30 mins instead of every 60 mins

Route #3/4 Wellington/Maxwell

Enhancements to timing and frequency of each service

Route #5 Rosedale

Same routing for “Peak” and “Off-Peak” service.  Addition of weekday routing now on Saturdays. Enhancements to naming of these routes for clarity (5A & 5B) 5B will service Blackwell Rd between Modeland and Michigan.

Route #7 Cathcart

Now interlines with Route 12 during off-peak times

Route #9 Exmouth

Service to Heritage Park now travels via Ronald Bloor instead of David Bolduc.

Route #12 Point Edward

Now operates out of NT instead of DT.  Services apartments at Errol Rd W automatically.

Route #15 Bright’s Grove

Changes to evening and Saturday service to accommodate transfer requests during service. No longer services Exmouth Extension (see Route #8 instead.) Last service is 9:30 pm from MRT.

School Specials

New naming system, will now be referred to as Route #17 (A, B & C respectively)

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