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Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Plans

Monthly Pre-Authorized Payment (PAP) Plan

  • Runs from November to October. If you join after the plan begins, payments are adjusted accordingly.

  • Payments will be deducted from your bank account on the last business day of each month.

  • Monthly payments are adjusted twice per year, in November and June for Residential; and August for Commercial, after Final Taxes are been determined. In November, if the increase is over $10.00, a letter will be mailed noting the change in the amount to be withdrawn.

  • A Final Tax Bill will be mailed for information purposes. This bill should be kept for income tax purposes and the information verified. The monthly pre-authorized payment schedule will appear on this Final Tax bill.


Installment Due Date Pre-Authorized Payment (PAP) Plan

  • Available for all property classes.

  • The Installment amount will be deducted from the designated bank account on each property tax installment due date.

  • Interim and Final tax bills are mailed for information purposes. These bills should be kept for income tax purposes and the information verified.


Enrollment includes the following benefits:

  • Never worry about missing an installment due date.

  • Avoid penalty charges for missed payments.

  • Budgeting for your taxes is made easy with the monthly installment plan.

  • No need to mail a cheque or stand in line to make payment.

  • No cost or fee for selecting this method of payment.


To sign up for the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan:

Select which plan works best for you. The Pre-Authorized Payment Plan (PAP) is available, at no cost, to both residential and commercial taxpayers, as long as their tax account has no arrears. To join the PAP program your property structure must be fully assessed.

Contact us at 519-332-0527 Ext 3216 or taxclerk@sarnia.ca for details of pre-authorized payment plans available to properties in arrears.

Complete and return the enrollment form along with a VOID cheque or PAD form from your bank to Customer Service. Enrollment forms are available below or from the Customer Service Department located on the First Floor at City Hall. 

Line of credit accounts and credit card cheques cannot be used for pre-authorized payments.


Important Information

All enrollments, changes, and/or cancellations must be received by the 20th of the month.

Pre-authorized payment information is not transferable. When you purchase a new property, a new pre-authorized payment form is required.

If you own more than one property, a separate PAP enrollment form is required for each.

Any payment default will immediately, at the discretion of the City, cause the account to be removed from the PAP Plan.

NSF fees, as well as penalty and interest will apply on all returned payments.

It is your responsibility to inform the City in writing, if your bank account information changes. You will be required to supply a new VOID cheque or PAD form from your bank.

It is your responsibility to cancel participation in the PAP program in writing if the property is sold.

Contact us:

City of Sarnia-Tax Department
255 Christina Street North
PO Box 3018
Sarnia, ON N7T 7N2
Phone: 519-332-6309
Fax: 519-332-1466
Email: taxclerk@sarnia.ca

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