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Inspection Assessments

Inspection Assessments/Hazardous Trees

Whenever a tree or part of a tree poses a threat to people or property, they are classified as hazardous trees and receive priority one attention. Our inspectors are responsible for inspection and assessment of trees annually, therefore ensuring a safe urban forest.

All forestry work is inspected and prioritized in the following manner:

Priority 1

Priority 2

Hindrance or nuisance to traffic or right of way clearance, but no immediate danger to public safety. E.g.: Dead trees that are still solid, trimming of solid deadwood, low limbs and minor traffic hazards.

Priority 3

Routine maintenance that does not present a hazard E.G.: Minor tree trimming and low branches, aesthetic pruning, trunk/stump removal.

Our inspectors look for the following when checking hazardous trees:

 NOTE: Storm damage resulting in fallen trees will be dealt with within 24 hours or less.
If you have concern about a city owned tree, please call 519-332-0330 extension 3209.

In emergency situations after hours please contact the Sarnia Police Department at 519-344-8861 and they will direct the call to our emergency call person.

Have more questions?  Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for more information about trees on your property.

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