City of Sarnia

Camp Saredaca

6-10 year olds


Camp Saredaca Schedule

Camp Saredaca is located at 2065 Blackwell Road.

This camp focuses on outdoor education, crafts, games, cookouts, swimming, off-site trips, hikes and guest speakers.  The camp is for children ages 6-10.  Children must be 6 years old by June 1st.  NO EXCEPTIONS! Transportation is provided to and from camp for all campers.  Please see Bus List.

 Camp Saredaca Schedule 2017




1. July 3-7

Around the World

$100.00 per child

2.July 10-14

Winter in July

$100.00 per child

3.July 17-21


$100.00 per child

4.July 24-28

Under the Sea

$100.00 per week

5.July 31-Aug 4


$100.00 per week

 6.Aug 8-Aug 11

Fun and Fitness

$80.00 per week

7. Aug 14-18


$100.00 per week

8.Aug 21-25

Best of the Best

$100.00 per week





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